The 9th Cloud Cannabis Accessories Shop FAQ

Q: Who is allowed to buy cannabis accessories in Canada (Bongs, water pipes, ect...) 

A: In Canada, the provincial government sets the age of majority for consumer purchases of cannabis accessories and cannabis products, as long as the set age is above 18.  The 9th Cloud is registered in Ontario, and the age of majority in Ontario is 19. 

See the Cannabis Act

 Q: Do I need to provide proof of age?

A: Proof of age is required under the Cannabis Act, therefore all deliveries from The 9th Cloud, serviced by Canada Post, will require proof of age prior to the package being released by the shipper. 

Q: Why is there an additional shipping and handling fee at checkout?

A: Canada Post charges $3.00 as an additional fee for age verification. 

See Canada Post age verification

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can sell cannabis Accessories?

The 9th Cloud takes the regulations within The Cannabis Act seriously, and therefore takes the steps necessary to remain compliant within it and service our customers in a responsible way. 

Any retailer is Canada that is selling cannabis accessories of any kind must ensure that they are operating within the regulations of The Act. This includes, but not limited to, ensuring no young persons are allowed to enter a space that sells cannabis accessories, including social pages, e-comm and brick and mortar stores. 

See Health Canada referring to young persons

Q: Do you sell cannabis accessories outside of Canada?

A: Because of the sensitive nature of the cannabis industry, The 9th Cloud operates strictly within Canada to service Canadian cannabis consumers whom are of the age of majority. 

Q: I have a question about my product, who do I contact?

A: We'd love to hear from you, and we are happy to help! Contact us at info@the9thcloud.ca