Candy Relics

Ceramic Pop Can Hand Pipe with Gold Tab

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The 9th Cloud Cannabis Accessories Shop is thrilled to offer in Canada a full line of nostalgic ceramic 'smokeware' pieces from the Candy Relics.

This throwback has a look that's smart and a feel that's gorgeous! 

We have all been there, the Pop Can Pipe brings back the nostalgia of our college days. Slip cast from an actual can, it is a porcelain version of the old go to. It’s more than just a conversation piece.

This can is extra special as the tab is covered in 22k gold for that next level classiness.

Dimensions | 2″H x 2.5″W x 4.2″L 

Cleaning | water and rubbing alcohol

Handcrafted in the Candy Relics studio in Portland, Oregon.