Odo Glass

Starburst Dot Stack Glass Hand Pipe - Special Edition 1 of 1

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The 9th Cloud Cannabis Accessories Shop is super excited to feature the hand blown 'Starburst' Dot Stack glass hand pipe, a special 1 of 1 piece. 

A truly fine piece of art that exemplifies artistry and elegance. Hand Blown, these bespoke pipes have been treated with atomized gold and silver, giving them a duochrome luster of pink, purple, yellow and green as the angle of light shifts. Even the best photos can't capture the true brilliance of the finish. This piece feels properly placed & balanced when held, and the quality is truly evident in the piece's weight and hand-feel.  

The dot stack design is done by "stacking" layers of multi-coloured dots of molten glass to achieve a starburst pattern that is truly unique. This was made as a special piece for The 9th Cloud Shop!

Hand Blown for The 9th cloud by Odo Glass, Montana, USA