Futo x The 9th Cloud

Signature Dugout & One Hitter Pipe, Live-Edge Oak

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The quintessential cannabis accessory, the dugout and one hitter pipe!

Handcrafted bespoke for The 9th cloud Cannabis Accessories Shop, Canadian woodworkers at Futo have masterfully created exclusive pieces that are both elegant and functional. A classic design that features a deep hold for your favourite herb, a spring loaded 9mm glass "one-hitter" and a metal pokey  with a colour matched top.  Pairs wonderfully with one of our signature herb grinders & our Smokestation carrying case. 

The live-edge oak version has a larger footprint than our standard dugouts, and features a gnarly burled edge. Every piece has been hand curated for the liveliest character, and each piece is unique, so yours will not look exactly the same, which is why we love them!

Handcrafted by Canadians in Manitoba & Proudly presented by The 9th Cloud